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Indian food brands have stained the world with its spicy magic, and the United States is not an exception. For novices, discovering the intricate textures of Indian food can be full of thrills and delicious.

Are you craving a spicy curry, crispy snack, or comfort dessert, these 10 Indian food brands are worth trying. Let’s delve into the tasty world of Indian spices

1. MTR: A Taste of Tradition

MTR, an abbreviation for Mavalli Tiffin Room, has become a synonym for authentic South Indian recipes and is one of the most loved Indian food brands. Here are the reasons why it deserves a place in your grocery list.

Ready-to-Eat Meals: MTR features a tempting array of readymade meals, ranging from masala dosa to vegetable biryani. It is ideal for hectic periods when you can not even imagine making yourself a meal.

Spices and Mixes: Their spice blends and instant mixes help you make classic foods like a walk in the park. Use their homemade rasam powder or sambar masala for a great spice explosion.

Breakfast Staples: MTR’s rava idli mix and upma mix will transport you to the taste of Bangalore’s legendary tiffin rooms right from your kitchen.

2. Amul: The Dairy Delight

Amul, the darling of Indian dairies, has also made a home in the US. Here’s why it is loved by people:

Butter and Ghee: Amul butter is delicious, thick and just right for a toast with a cup of warm tea. Their ghee (clarified butter) not only adds a nutty aroma to your curries but also gives a deep flavor to your meals.

Cheese Galore: From a mild cheddar to a tangy paneer, Amul offers a cheese connoisseur’s dream.

Ice Creams: Never forget to try their kulfi ice creams—saffron—flavored and super delicious.

3. MDH: Spices That Tell Stories

MDH, which stands for Mahashian Di Hatti, is the one and only spice whisperer in every Indian kitchen. Here’s why it is a must-have storehouse item.

Spice Blends: MDH’s masalas are so special because they are just like a little explosion of flavor. Their garam masala and chaat masala are great even for any kind of dish.

Legacy and Tradition: Established in 1919, the spices of MDH are a blend of traditional culinary knowledge passed on from generation to generation.

Health Benefits: Turmeric, cumin and coriander (MDH’s spices) not only pleasure your tongue but also contribute to your overall health.

4. Gits: Instant Gratification

You can feel the joy of Indian cooking in your kitchen with Gits without any hassle. This is why it’s an epoch-maker.

Ready-to-Cook Mixes: Craving a plate of soft dhoklas or a bowl of kheer? Gits has you covered. Just add water and then voila!

Snack Attack: Their samosa and vada mixes come in handy if you have sudden snack cravings.

Dessert Magic: Gulab jamun? Why not! Instant mixes of Gits’ Indian sweets will enable you not to miss Indian sweets.

5. Ganesh: A Sweet Symphony

Ganesh, an Indian sweets connoisseur, is a source of happiness in every event. Here’s why you should try them:

Mouth Watering Sweets: From literally melt-in-your-mouth laddoos to the fragrant jalebis, Ganesh’s sweets are the best depiction of love and tradition.

Festive Feasts: During the festive season like Diwali, their sweet packs make your festival sweeter.

Gifts of Love: Make others feel the joy by giving Ganesh’s assorted boxes as gifts to your friends and family.

6. 24 Mantra: Organic Goodness

24 Mantra, a symbol of organic authenticity, is a fantastic way to explore health-conscious cooking. Here’s why it’s exceptional:

Organic Purity: The 24 Mantra brings you the spirit of India’s rich and fertile fields. Their organic products, such as rice, lentils, spices, etc., are free from pesticides or chemicals, making it one of the top organic indian food brand.

Health-Conscious Choices: Whether you are looking for biryani or dal, 24 Mantra range offers you a guilt-free experience of relishing your food.

Must-Try: Check out their organic snacks like roasted chickpeas and multigrain chips. Buy snacks online and eat smart snacks!

7. Britannia: Biscuits and Beyond

Britannia, the symbol of snack-time fun, goes beyond biscuits and into a delicious realm. Here’s why it’s irresistible:

Biscuit Bliss: The Britannia biscuits are a staple of our childhood memories. Whether you choose Good Day or Bourbon they blend well with chai or coffee.

Diverse Range: Besides biscuits, Britannia also offers bread, cakes, and dairy products.Try their flavored yogurts!

Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao: Can you recall it? Britannia’s legacy continues.

8. Balaji: Spicy Crunchiness

Balaji, the art of bold flavors, transforms snacking into an art. Here are some compelling reasons why you should give it a shot:

Snack Attack: Balaji snacks are a kaleidoscope of flavors. Their masala peanuts and chaklis are really addictive.

Regional Delights: From street Mumbai to your kitchen, Balaji brings to you the soul of Indian street food.

Spice It Up: Balaji’s hot and spicy potato chips are the best in town. Serve them with a cold drink!

9. Arya: The Spice Route

Arya, a wholesale seller of spices, adds to your cooking arsenal. Here’s why it’s unparalleled:

Exotic Spices: Arya is a spice-based adventure for you. Their saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon takes your cuisine to another level.

Cooking Essentials: Stock up some turmeric powder and cumin seeds from Arya. The Indian vegetarian foods are enlivened with these.

Vitamin A-Rich Indian Foods: Arya’s dried mango strips are not only tasty but also loaded with nutrients.

10. Nanak: Divine Desserts

Nanak, the sweet lover, prepares delectable delights for any event. Here’s why it’s unforgettable:

Sweets Galore: Nanak is a specialist in Indian sweets. Their gulab jamuns and rasgullas literally melt in your mouth.

Festive Feasts:  Nanak’s mithai (sweets) become the center of Diwali and Eid festivities.

Gift Happiness: Share Nanak’s mixed boxes with friends—it is a sweet gift that goes beyond borders.

Spice Up Your Life!

Indian food brands aren’t just about getting full; they’re about culture, tradition, and love. Hence, when you are at the supermarket, do not forget to buy a pack of Britannia biscuits, a bag of Balaji chips or a box of Nanak sweets.

Let the flavors dance on your palate, and remember that every bite brings you closer to the rich land on the other side of the oceans. Happy munching!🌶️🥘🍽️

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