Fresh Indian Vegetables in the USA

Are you missing the winter season special sarson da saag or fresh methi? Who can get over the tastes of pudine ki chutney with mirchi bhajji?  These are the seasonal bests of Indian vegetables besides a host of other vegetables. Barely any South Indian meal is complete without the always picked out curry leaves, or as we variously know it as kadipatta, karvensoppu, or kattaipatta. It is tough leaving behind the Indian culinary delights when one moves to the USA and pining for the home food only makes it harder. The Winter season especially comes with a wide variety of vegetables such as fresh potatoes, red carrots, and green peas. Just because it is an American winter does not mean that one wouldn’t want to gorge on rich aloo paratha or gajar ka halwa.

Indian grocery stores for all your Indian Veggies

The American variant of many fresh Indian vegetables is quite delicious but there are many neighborhoods Indian stores that keep fresh vegetables and fruits imported directly from the country. So, whether you want to eat katahal, arbi, or seeme badnekayi, you will find them all in the right seasons. Some of the leading Indian grocers in the USA even keep banana leaves, banana flowers, plantain, and dind for festive meals. Now as the festival of Lodhi, Gudi padwa and Sankranti come closer, one will also get the best quality mango leaves, sugar canes, and coconuts among other festive must-haves. Whether you are a South Indian who loves their small sambhar onions or North Indian who loves the occasional tinde ki sabzi the way it’s made at home, find all the ingredients at any Indian store. You can also get fresh Indian turmeric and ginger roots for making the immunity-boosting kadha along with black pepper from home.

Call it as you know it

Many American stores these days have a stock of Indian vegetables, but in the Indian store, you can refer to the vegetable or fruit from its native name as you know it, in any Indian language and still get what you need. So, you can call it chikoo or sapota, val papdi or chapparad avarekai, patra leaf, paan leaf, or ratalu. The vendor will know exactly what you want and can even recommend other vegetables that are frequently used in the region.

Quality Assured

Since FDA has high standards, only the Grade “A” vegetables are imported from India to the USA. Hence, you are assured of quality and taste and don’t have to scour through the entire basket of produce to find the freshest or undamaged product. Furthermore, with the improved import-export timeline, fresh produce comes more often, and you are assured of getting a fresh crop of vegetables at every purchase.

You can personally shop for your vegetables in the Indian grocery store, or order online and have them delivered to your doorstep. The adoption of an eCommerce platform has made it easier to shop for one’s veggies from the comfort of one’s home.


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