Indian grocery store

The toughest part of moving from India to the USA is leaving behind the beloved grocery that you have grown up with. Since the lockdown, it has become tougher to return to India and many may not have visited home since the last two years and chances seem bleak that anyone will be able to travel now for another two months at least. Many must have packed as much as they could carry and still, others are known to have couriers sent from home. However, it does not make sense to have every grocery item couriered. One cannot have basmati rice or wheat flour couriered every month, it isn’t feasible cost-wise and there are many items with limited shelf life which may not even reach on time.

Indian grocery stores to the rescue

America has a thriving Indian diaspora and a vibrant economy where everything can be purchased. So, whether you want Ramdev or Haldiram’s delicious snacks or Bambino and Bansi’s range of items for preparing a wholesome Indian breakfast, you will find it all at the top Indian grocery stores. There will also be a range of frozen foods and ready-to-eat microwave meals for those lazy days when you don’t want to cook. A popular pick among all Indians is the frozen chapatis and parathas, and idli/dosa batter. These taste as good as the real thing and make life easier as breakfast and half the cooking effort for a meal is taken care of.

Going beyond the meals

Indian grocery does not only include one’s beloved brand of biscuits, Maggi noodles, and Desi chutneys and sauces. It also includes some must-have products like the Parachute hair oil without which one cannot complete their weekend head massage and hair wash ritual. It also includes everyone’s favorite brand Himalaya’s products and some medicinal herbs such as tulsi and triphala powder. These are stocked aplenty and additionally, you can also pick all your required pooja articles such as agarbattis, camphor, dhoop, flower garlands, banana; mango; and paan leaves, and idols of Gods. Whether you need specific items for a wedding ceremony, a temple visit, housewarming or any special event, everything can be purchased at an Indian grocery store in a single visit.

All the brands you love

The best Indian grocery stores regularly stock on Amul’s dairy products, ITC’s products (including their wheat flour, biscuits, and personal care products), Bedekar, Ching’s, and so many more that come into the market and are quickly gaining fame not only among the Indians but also others who love Indian products. Your favorite brands of masala chai and filter coffee are also readily available, and you can make requests for any special brands so that they can have it brought for you.

You can order online, or search for a grocery store in the neighborhood to get all the brands you love. Many stores offer same-day delivery options if they are nearby or you can pick it from the store.


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