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At the core of Swagat Grocery you will find a treasure chest of unique papads, each one bursting with taste and crunch. Here is a mesmerizing list of papads from the traditional to the modern blends, to add an extra thrill to the meal.

Our Unique Papads:

1. Masala Papad: Snack With A Kick

– The masala papad is fragrant and this gives a tingle to your taste buds.

– Ideal for taking with chai or as a crunchy challenger before a meal.

2. Chilli Papad: Fire Sweeper and Fumary

– To the heat-seekers the chilli papad burns, literally, with each bite.

– Perfect for the lovers of a sharp and peppery snack.

3. Green Chilli Papad: Zesty and Fresh

– This papad is produced from fresh green chillies and it gives a very nice blend of spices and sourness.

– A modern variation of the classical papad, ideal for lovers of spice.

4. Jeera Papad: Cumin Crunch

– Full of cumin’s earthy taste, jeera papad gives more depth to what you eat.

– A traditional option that goes well with many Indian meals.

5. Garlic Papad: Full Flavored and Aromatic

– Enjoy the strong taste of garlic with every bite of this papad.

– Great for garlic enthusiasts seeking a savory and filling snack alternative.

6. Nylon Papad: Wafer-like Delight

– Fine and crunchy, the nylon papad is quite a fluffy product.

– Savor it alone or as an accompaniment to your best curry meal.

7. 3 in 1 Papad: Triple Flavor

– Why should you stick to one flavor if you get three? Enjoy the taste variety with the 3 in 1 papad.

– The versatile choice that satisfies various tastes and likings.

8. Plain Papad: Simple Perfection

– Less is more at times. Enjoy plain papad and leave space for its delicate taste.

– An all-round option that goes with any side or dip.

9. Mari Papad: A Delicacy of South India

– The mari papad is a South Indian delicacy that is characterized by a distinct mix of spices and taste.

– Taste the real flavor of South Indian food with each crunch.

10. Kerala Pappadam: Kerala in a Plate

– Travel your taste buds to the lushness of Kerala and the authentic flavors of the Kerala pappadam.

– A clue with just classic ingredients, that is a southern-food lover must-try.

Elevate Your Snacking Experience with Swagat Grocery

At Swagat Indian Grocery, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of Indian vegetarian foods, including these 10 unique papads. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting our Indian grocery store in person, we invite you to explore our collection and discover new flavors to savor.

Ready to embark on a flavorful journey? Visit us today and indulge in the rich tapestry of unique papads in Swagat Grocery or you can buy papads online from our website.

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