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Pick your stock of canned food that will jazz up your meals

It is wise to stock up on canned food at home, especially if you have a busy career and then there are those days when there is simply not enough time to cook, and you don’t want to order in. Stocking up on freezing vegetables or refried beans helps tide through those days of the week when you aren’t in much of a mood to cook or suddenly have a hankering for some dish with beans in them and you hadn’t already prepped. We also stock on premium quality and fresh freezing vegetables so that you can start right off on the dish and even if you are cooking alone, you will have a handle on things and have the meal ready in good time.

We have Mexican refried beans that are ready to be thrown into the pan and serve with the tacos. The refried beans can be added to salads, burgers or pasta and they will amp the taste with their crispy crust. It is easy to defrost the freezing vegetables, it will take less than a minute in the microwave oven and the veggies are ready to cook. You can cook refried beans by mashing them and add them to your Tex-Mex to make the ultimate meal for the family. You can sauté the refried black beans with some chilli, garlic and tomato puree and add some onions, spices and cilantro for a delicious meal that will eb ready in half hour and offer a wholesome meal that is healthy and home cooked.

Our wide range of frozen foods expands beyond freezing vegetables and refried black beans to include canned food such as mango puree, gooseberry pickles and much more. Our range of food will make cooking fun and simple and even save the mess of dirty pots and pans from prepping for the meal.