Indian Pickles

Do you enjoy pickles? You’re in for a tremendous treat if so! Your mind will constantly tell you that the meal is missing pickles. These Indian pickles near me are not only a fantastic way to spice up and diversify your meals, but they are also loaded with health advantages. So what are you still waiting for?

An essential component of Indian cuisine is achar or pickles. Without Indian pickles, whether a rice dish or parathas, your mind constantly reminds you that something is lacking. Everyone keep requesting more aam, nimbu, and mirch ka achar because they are so delicious. There are numerous options to make your meals extraordinary in unimaginable ways. We’ll share a few must-try pickles (achar) from India in this blog, each having a distinctive and delectable flavor. Try them out for yourself to judge!

Let us know about them first!

What are pickles?

Pickles are fruits or vegetables in a vinegar or brine solution to preserve them. One can consume pickle alone, in salads, or as a meal component. You can serve pickles as a side dish or combined with rice, stews, or layers of paratha to create a mouthwatering meal. They offer a sour, sweet, and salty heat. Each Indian region has its unique recipe for distinct pickles that can be made using different components.

What differentiates Indian pickles from others?

Indian pickles differ significantly from other pickles in a few crucial ways.

• Indian pickles are prepared with various fruits and vegetables, unlike pickles from western nations that mostly employ cucumbers.
• A variety of spices, including cumin, ginger, garlic, cloves, and cardamom, are used to make Indian pickles. These ingredients contribute to the pickles’ distinctive flavor profile.
• Indian pickles are often preserved in vinegar or brine to prevent the veggies from turning overly sour. This method gives the vegetables a distinctive flavor profile while aiding in their preservation.
• Many different dishes, such as samosas, tikkas, dal makhani, masala dosa, and chutney, can be enjoyed with Indian pickles. They are also ideal as a topping for sandwiches and wraps. A tasty and original way to flavor your food is with Indian pickles.
• As they contain Indian spices, Indian pickles near me are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium and vitamin C.

Well-known Indian pickles

Pickles are enjoyed in a variety of flavors in India. We enjoy the hot zing of chili pickle, the acidic taste of aam ka achar, and the sweet flavor of muraba.

A few of the most popular Indian pickles include:

Pickled red chilies:

Is it possible to discuss pickles without mentioning chili pickles? You might be curious how someone might consume the red chili pickle. Indians make things ideal, and jaggery is added to red chili pickles to make them sweet and sour. After being filled with a spice mixture, the red chili is combined with jaggery, oil, and salt. Voila! The pickled red chilies are prepared. The ideal pairing for it is puri and paratha.

Kamal Kakidi’s Achaar:

Although you may have noticed one strange lotus stem piece in jars of mixed vegetable pickles, this uncommon and rare pickle from Jammu and Kashmir, which is made entirely of lotus stems, is delicious to have with paranthas.

Lemon pickle:

Vitamin C-rich lemons are the best for human health and are great for the skin. Additionally, it gets rid of body fat. It is widely consumed in India, where you can find it in every home. Lemon pickle improves the flavor of food while assisting in immunity building. You’ll feel divine if you combine it with rice or potatoes. There are two varieties of lemon pickles: a sweet one and a sour one. Salt, jaggery, turmeric, and lemon slices are all ingredients in the sweet lemon pickle. Jaggery is not added to a pickle made with sour lemons. So enjoy your dinner with a lemon pickle since its summer.

Pickled ginger

Ginger pickle (Allam Pachadi): It was a fiery and delectable pickle from the Telugu Pickles category. You can utilize this in side dishes, rice, and tiffins. Ginger that has been peeled and crushed, tamarind pulp, and some seasoning mustard seeds is used to make this pickle. It is entirely natural, safe, handcrafted with authentic flavor, and contains no preservatives. Most South Indians frequently include ginger pickles in their breakfast dishes. Swagat has a traditional and all-natural ginger pickle.

Mango pickle:

Are you sure you live in India if you have never had mango pickle in your life? It is made in every Indian home and is known as the “king of pickles.” Several different achar recipes exist, but this one is the most popular and widely used. The most well-liked pickle in India is aam ka achar or raw mango pickle. It is made in the summer, has a sour flavor, and is extremely good. Any cuisine can taste better with the addition of a pickle. It goes well with rice, paratha, or puris. Will you be making raw mango achar? The process of making raw mango achar is relatively easy. Raw mango, mustard oil, onion, fennel, fenugreek, cumin, red chili powder, turmeric, and salt are used in its preparation. Wait for it to be ready for 2-3 days while keeping it in the sun.

Green apple pickle:

Jammu and Kashmir’s green apple pickle is just as exquisite as its apples, which deserves their article. The pickle’s apples and spices give it a sweet and tangy flavor that goes well with toast or by itself.

Onion Pickle:

Another common pickle that is regularly used is the onion pickle. You can serve it as a salad as it is great during the summer. Sliced onions, lemon, chili powder, and salt are combined. The alternative kind is made by mixing salt and vinegar with shallots. It complements Chinese cuisine well.

Kair ke achaar:

This pickle is exclusive to the state and abounds during the winter. It is made from kair, which are dried and used Rajasthani berries. Kair ke achaar, which is sour and tangy, is wonderfully tasty and goes well with rice or Indian bread.

Pickled Tomato

If you enjoy eating tomato chutney with meals, it isn’t easy to make it every day. Make a tomato pickle in this situation; its sweet, spicy, and tangy flavor will enhance the flavor of your dish. Tomatoes, tamarind, salt, red chili, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, salt, and oil are used in its preparation.


Now you know the various pickles of India. So the next time you want to eat something tart and tangy, pair your paratha and rice with some Indian pickles. Visit the Swagat grocery store if you are looking for Indian pickles near me. Purchase the delicious achar and enjoy it at home.

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