Biscuits are what the British and the Indians call cookies, and though one would assume it is the British that brought biscuits to India, in reality, these tasty snacks were already in the country since the 16th Century. It was, in fact, the Mughals who introduced these crumbling treats to the Indian subcontinent. The later settlers, including the French, Dutch, Danes, and British, only added to this legacy with their iterations of the modern-day biscuits.

In the streets, sweet shops, bakeries, and even general stores of India, from north to south, you will find many iterations of biscuits – rusks, nankhatai, fayn, coconut cookies, or the ghee-laden atta cookies. Indians have carried this biscuit culture with them even to the USA, along with some brands they grew up loving.

The chai-biscuit intervention

The morning chai is incomplete without Parle-G, Good-Day, Brittania’s rusk, or digestive biscuits. They are among the most shopped and stocked among the “Indian grocery near me” across the USA. The Khari biscuits, Hyderabad’s famous Karachi biscuits, and Monaco’s salty biscuits are a snack accompaniment for guests whenever they visit home. The average Indian householder will not serve tea without biscuits. From school days, many children learn to dunk their biscuits in their chai and slurp it down after each sip, sucking out the sugary tea from the biscuit crumbles.

Biscuits for all ages

Mothers shop for biscuits online as an easy snack to keep at home and carry in their purses at any time for their kids and themselves. Nobody passes up the biscuits in an Indian house regardless of age. It instantly fills you up, and because of their longer shelf life, they can be stored in an airtight container for a longer time. As generations together, at home and outside, bonded over biscuits, many indigenous brands of biscuits, both bakeries manufactured and factory manufactured, are known and loved by all.

Can’t complete the grocery shopping without the biscuits

An Indian grocery list is never complete until the biscuits have been added. Walking into any Indian grocery store, you will find an entire aisle dedicated to biscuits and cookies. These biscuits will be selling in super saver packs to serve a family for a whole month. Along with their favorite brand of tea, people will stock up on their favorite brands of biscuits too.

 Homemade biscuits

Many Indians in the US are baking their homemade biscuits and selling them to the “Indian grocery near me,” where they can meet potential clients. These modern bakers deliver their current iteration with almond flour biscuits, oats biscuits, and other healthier alternatives.

People may become health-conscious or expand their choices, but biscuits will still be an integral part of the Indian diet. Thus, one can always purchase their favorite Indian brand biscuits at the Indian grocery store. You can purchase them online or from the grocer nearby.

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